10 Effective Way of Getting Rid of Ants Naturally

At some stage every household faces the problem with Ants. Ants know numerous ways to get in our house : holes in walls, floor and foundation, crevices in the ceiling basement and attic. If you are ready to refuse from poisonous sprays and powders. Here are some safe homemade remedies to use :

1. Vinegar : – This is highly effective method of getting rid of Ants. Spray Vinegar on the Ant’s entry paths, this will spread a very strong scent that repels ants.

2. Mint : – Mint Tea bags are pretty effective in driving Ant’s away. Just put bags at the points from where you think ants enter. You can use mint leaves also. Dry mint leaves and crush into powder. Sprinkle the powder at the entry points.

3. Table Salt : – This is the best and the cheapest ways to get rid of Ant’s. Boil water and salt to it. Pour salty water into a spray bottle and spread in places where you usually see the ants

4. Black Pepper : – Both cayenne and Black Pepper work wonders. Mixing Black Pepper with water, spray it on ants, and soon they all will disappear.

5. Soap : – The components of soap are very harmful to all types of ants. They break down in waxy layers of the Pests exoskeleton, causing dehydration. Mix soap with water and spray it in the entry points.

6. Citrus : – Mix some lemon juice with water and then spray it all around the areas, where the ants are.

7. Cucumber : – Take a Cucumber and cut it into pieces. Place pieces in ants affected areas. Pretty soon they will leave your house because ants cannot stand its taste.

8. Body Powder : – Use it wherever you see ants. Sprinkle it around, as these pests hate scented talcum and try to stay away from it.

9. Cornmeal : – Take Cornmeal and spread it over the affected areas. Ants cannot digest it and die.

10. Perfume : – Buy a very strong Perfume and soak cotton balls in it. Keep a few of them in affected area. As ants cannot tolerate the perfume, they will stay away from the place, where it is present.


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