6 Earning Ways for Homemakers

In today’s era, every body is looking for an extra source of income. Specially, women who can’t go out of home for regular jobs always are in search of something which can be done from home with minimum investment. Every women has the right to be financially independent. I have an experience of 5 yrs in this field, i have tried many business option some of them were flop and some were hit. Apart from traditional profession like tuition or art class, I am listing here unique 6 types of home based business which can be easily setup or can be done from home and which requires minimum amount to be invested.

Here goes my list and i hope it will help you to start your own venture.


  1. Sewing:

If you know how to sew and enjoy making customized clothes for yourself or for your family members than turn this hobby into a money making profession. It just requires a sewing machine and some of your spare time to start off. Eventually you can turn this business into something big like opening a boutique.


Making and Designing Jewelry:

  1. Making and Designing Jewelry:

Yes you can make your Jewelry at home and that too with lowest investment. The type of jewellery you can make at home are Quilled jewellery. Beaded jewellery and terracotta jewellery. There are institutes which conducts classes. But if there is no such option in your place than you can always turn to internet and be a student of IIN or whatever network you r using.


Making Sweets:

  1. Making Sweets:

If you make sweets like ladoos or sandesh(kheer or coconut) as hobby for your family you might consider it to take to another level. In india and specially in bengalis there are always big or small occassion happens. Contact you relatives and friends for orders to start with.

Be An Author

  1. Be a Author:

If you have a writer in you than go on write a book on any good topic. If you have imagination power than why not write a children’s book or a cook book may be where you can share your own cooking which are tried and tested by you and got thumbs up from your family.


Cake Baking

  1. Cake Baking:

 Belief me i know many housewife and man too who bakes cake from home and also offers a customize cake to there customers. Its a budding business. Go ahead and show off your baking skills. If you are experience enough and have lots of hidden baking items under your sleeves than you can also start online baking classes too.



  1. Clothing:

Contact any local vendor or any boutique to give you there clothes on credit basis and after selling you can pay them their money of course after keeping your profit. But you need good customer base and a vendor who will trust you with their clothes.

These are some of the ideas i have come across during the period of 5 years. There are many options available just you need to decide what you really want to do and what are you good at. Turn you hobby into a profession. Best of luck of finding your dreams.

Amrita Choudhury

is a Homemaker and has a Son. She loves to quill. She makes and design paper jewelry which is popularly known as quilling. She also loves to make terracotta jewelry too. She also conducts classes of jewelry making from home. Also she has a own FB Page known as Amrita's Quilling

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