6 Things Every Woman Wants in a Perfect Date

For someone like my girl who loves to stargaze lying on the field with wine and food to some other girls who love watching movies and going shopping, the idea of a date is quite varied depending on what personality your woman has. The fact of the matter is, every woman has a different idea about their perfect date would be.

The twist in the story comes in when it gets very difficult for guys to understand what kind of date would be apt for their partners. They just believe that doing the necessity of taking her out for dinner, shopping and movies would just be enough for them. Well, that’s exactly where they make a mistake. They don’t live up to the expectations of their partners and face the consequences of the same.

What to do then??

Just before you plan a date with your crush or beloved or fiance, just make sure to find out what kind of a date would they be interested in. Just DO NOT go up and ask them about it bluntly, rather do the same in your conversations.

If that doesn’t give a fruitful outcome, you can always depend on the things that are mentioned below. They give you a clearer picture of what every woman wants in a perfect date.

1. The venue should be perfect – The very first thing that an ideal date should start with (keeping the pickup & drop service aside) is the venue of the date. The proximity also matters but even if the location is at a distance, it should be worth the wait for. If you are planning to take your date to a restaurant, make sure it is not less than a 4-star hotel. A Michelin restaurant would make your points whereas; an ordinary place would take back what you’ve earned till now. When I went for my first date, I made sure that she loved it because I wanted the relationship to bloom. So, went trekking to a spot which was scenic and exceptionally beautiful. Hence, be careful of the place.

2. Conversations should be genuine – The idea of the first date or the second date or even the third is basically to see what kind of a person are you. Hence, long talks are an integral part of the same. Getting to know you (as the man) is the most important part of the entire date-thing. That is the reason why women keep throwing questions at you both assertively as well as between the small talks which makes them know you better.

3. The food – When it comes to outing and women, you cannot..absolutely CANNOT ignore the importance of good food in it. A date being your get-to-know-each-other phase, food makes you (and her) understand each other’s personalities. For example, when I planned mine that had trekking and a serene spot, I had to pack food and bring along because no delivery service would reach there. So I had some sandwiches, hot dogs, and a few more things. It was then I realized what she liked and what she didn’t. So, this is the best way you too can understand the likes and dislikes. And, every woman loves good food on a date.

4. Your good looks – No matter how you look on the regular days, it is certain that you’ll be well groomed and put in your best efforts to look more pleasing on the D-day. This is one of the things that women want on their date. They want their dates to look absolutely stunning when they show up on their front door ringing the bell to them up. It is a great way to opt for a handsome set of outfits like fashionable shirt with tailored pair of trousers or jeans, matching/complimenting accessories and a smile on your face. Invest in the same to make the most of your day. No matter how you look on the day, you also have to make sure that the presentation is not what’s only important, you also have to feel comfortable in the skin.

5. Your attitude – Good looks aren’t enough as it was mentioned in the above aspect, a good attitude is also necessary to get it spot-on. Your attitude is what’s being judged throughout the time and if you are a good person from within, your woman has got what she wanted from the date. When you talk about the attitude, it is about everything, with everyone around and also how you treat the entire situation. This way, she might just have a better understanding about you.

6. Lots of fun – When a woman wants to know you better, they understand that it is the time when you’ll want the same from them. Hence, they’ll do their best to be themselves having all the fun that they can with you. A date should not be boring. In fact, it is one occasion where the fun is looked out for by both the individuals with each other. So, make sure the fun element is there.

What does your partner look-for in a date?? Do let us know in the comments below.

Deen Tichy

I'm Deen Tichy. A passionate blogger. I love to write about Men's Fashion & Lifestyle as well as Dating, Love & Relationship. I've been in this field for quite sometime and have written for some really well-known sites dealing in the same fields.

Deen Tichy

I’m Deen Tichy. A passionate blogger. I love to write about Men’s Fashion & Lifestyle as well as Dating, Love & Relationship. I’ve been in this field for quite sometime and have written for some really well-known sites dealing in the same fields.

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