Facts to Know About Kerala

Emerald backwater, lush green vegetation, lofty beaches and exotic wildlife constitutes to be four walls of the ‘god’s own country’. The place is highly admired for its mourning beauty, ooze from every nook and corner of the region. Moreover, it enjoys the terrific geographical feature which makes it the one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world.

The scenic beauty of the state can’t be defined in words. It is very rare to find a person which unaware of the charm of Kerala. Beside beauty, it is also the scent percent literate state, ayurvedic center of the world etc. Here, are some more interesting facts about Kerala, which makes the place a bit more fascinating.

  • Kerala and coconuts

There are some unions which are specifically made for each other. Taj Mahal and Agra, monasteries and Sikkim, the same union of Kerala is with coconut. If you find coconut trees on the streets, in the gardens, everywhere, then you shouldn’t ask which state it is, definitely it is Kerala. Basically, Kerala has derived its name from the word ‘Keram’, which means coconut tree in Malayalam. With ubiquitous coconut trees, one should gather why it is called ‘keralam’, the land of coconut trees.

  • Ayurveda

Ayurveda is one of the oldest forms of medication and healthcare followed in India from around 3000 BC. The beautiful place is rich in Ayurveda treatment centers and now the only state in India where it is followed as a mainstream medication. Good climatic conditions, numerous medicated plants and shrubs, make it the most suitable place for healing and natural treatments. Also, it is found that people of Kerala live longer than other people of India, due to their healthy nutrition.

  • Social indicators

A layman in the country could also tell that Kerala has the highest literacy rate, but apart from this it also has the highest sex ratio, lowest population growth rate, highest life expectancy rate and the highest Human Development Index (HDI), according to recent surveys. There is no doubt that why the region is the most developed in all over the country.

  • Elephants of Kerala

The state animal of Kerala has been an integral part of their culture since ancient time. Elephants even hold a place of honour in the emblem of Kerala government. Approx, there are 700 elephants in the state and most of them are owned by temples or individuals. One could easily note the presence of elephant in all the religious ceremonies and festivals of Kerala.

  • Alcohol prone region

Kerala is the land of the heaviest drinking. The alcohol consumption rate of Kerala is much more than other 28 states in India. It is estimated that average person drinks 8.3 liters of alcohol every year. The statistics rapidly came down after the introduction of Kerala liquor policy but still in comparison, it is much above.

Every crook and cranny of Kerala reflects the craft done by the god on this lavishing green land. Various Kerala tour packages explore the different aspects of the region. The best time to visit Kerala is anytime, as the place has so much to offer.

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