Future of Mobile App Development

Technology has converted the mobiles into primary computer devices. With each passing day the users of mobile are growing rapidly. A Study revealed that the number of users surfing on mobile had already exceeded those on the desktop. This means that there is a huge mobile using audience.

Considering this fact; one should not wonder why businesses of varied scales are opting mobile apps to market their products and services.

Mobile apps have taken the world by a storm. Mobile apps are the latest digital marketing tools and the industry is continuously expanding. But it’s a highly competitive space and the industry demands to be in tune with the latest technology and trends. Thus, anyone who wants to remain in the forefront in the competition needs to consider few latest trends. They are defining the future of the Mobile App industry.

Mobile commerce

M-commerce or mobile commerce is truly the future in next few years. The mode of payment is rapidly evolving to benefit the users’. And E-wallets have taken it to new heights. Users are heavily relied on Google wallet, PayTM, and other modes of paying options.

Wearable devices

A survey revealed that the percentages of wearable devices are rapidly increasing with time. These are of varied categories like health care, watches, accessories and many more. This had created enormous opportunity for vendors and application developers. The smart phone industry will soon transform as a hub of such wearable gadgets.  Such devices are hugely popular among users’ and are the markers of the future industry.

Sensor applications

Tracing a location is fairly easy and simple today. The technology is just at our fingertips. It has made the smart phone industry much smarter. It’s an extremely powerful tool to get any relevant information. Mobile phones are coming with inbuilt sensors. Thus, there app industry is also flourishing tremendously.  These are motion sensing apps, location sensing apps, indoor sensing apps and many more. The industry is continuously expanding its horizons and the future of mobile app industry.

Intuitive UX design

With the expansion of technology, users’ are aspiring for greater user experience. The mobile app industry is leaving no stone un-torn. They are continuously striving for higher user Experience and User interface. A user likes to stay for longer with an intuitive website. Thus, having an intuitive UX design is no more an option for mobile app developers. Rather, it has become an essential factor. Many companies like pinterest, Instagram, Houzz and others have incorporated latest patterns. They have intuitive designs, and interfaces.

Cross platforms

Mobile Apps industry is rapidly evolving and incorporating many new features in it. One such is cross platforms. Apps have moved ahead from single platforms to cross platforms. Android is dominating the market with its great affordability, whereas iOS are still the number first choice of high end market. Analysts are tracing this trend and assessed that hybrid mobile applications are the future of mobile applications.


The mobile app industry has undoubtedly evolved to remain ahead in the competitive space. It’s extremely beneficial for users as well as business. In order to remain on the top of the game you need to continuously strive to increase your UX of the app. These were the few trends which are defining the future of mobile app world and every Mobile App Development Company in India should consider.

Ramakant Sharma

Hi! I'm Ramakant Sharma, I live in Delhi and I work as a blogger in Justgoweb Digital. I love to read and write about Technology, Education, SEO, Health, Business, Social Media and Internet Marketing.

Ramakant Sharma

Hi! I’m Ramakant Sharma, I live in Delhi and I work as a blogger in Justgoweb Digital. I love to read and write about Technology, Education, SEO, Health, Business, Social Media and Internet Marketing.

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