Some interesting WhatsApp Tricks You Should Know

WhatsApp Messenger is one of the most popular apps across all mobile platforms, handling over 30 million messages daily – and now with end-to-end encryption. In fact, social media is a revolution has brought WhatsApp. What’s app, you can always keep in touch with your friends. Anyone can send pictures of various kinds and videos.

WhatsApp communications gives you maximum benefit. WhatsApp to be updated with various new features have been added.

1.      How to edit WhatsApp picture messages:

The latest update to WhatsApp lets you doodle on and edit pictures, Open any conversation, tap the camera icon next to the text-entry field as usual and select an image from your gallery. Then choose one of the new icons at the top right of the display to crop the picture, add a sticker, enter text or draw a doodle then send it to a friend.  

2.      Tag people in WhatsApp messages

We like a lot of time interacting with friends to tag. The only advantage was tagged on Facebook, But WhatsApp gives you the advantage. If you want to attract someone’s attention if the conversation is just the @ icon to those whom you want to tag, choose the tag.

3.    Hide Last seen visibility

What’s app, or when the last time you were online, but you do not want to tell anyone. But how is this possible? It can be quite easily. Follow the instructions below.

Tap on the Settings menu> Account> Privacy> Last Scene timestamp and make sure that you “nobody” option you have selected. As a result, you can stay safely whether you are online or when it was not known.


4.    Add formatting to messages

WhatsApp has finally rolled out formatting support, enabling WhatsApp-ers to add bold, italicized and strikethrough formatting options to their messages. It’s quite easy to do. Simply open a chat and follow these instructions:

–  Bold: Add asterisks to either side of the text (*bold*)

–  Italics: Add underscores to either side of the text (_italics_)

–  Strikethrough: Add tildes either side of the text (~tilde~)


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  1. Whatsapp is a very widely used messaging app….information regarding it’s upgradation is very important & useful for every whatsapp users..thanks

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