Jobs for online teachers are a booming workspace at home

As the universities continue to make distance learning part of their long-term strategies, the need for online faculty and other non-educational positions such as faculty designers is expanded. However, growth in the online education industry is not restricted to colleges and universities. The KG to Class XII and secondary level for teachers and online tutors are exploding, as well as the need for education professionals to create online training equipment and courses.

Often, these jobs for online teachers are opportunities to work at home (or could eventually become a work at home), which is an avenue for a more flexible work that benefits those in the education segment.

This list contains descriptions and links to more resources. For specific companies that hire online teachers and education professionals, check out this list of educational jobs online.

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Online Teachers: Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

As higher education establishes the dynamism of its growth in e-learning, K-12 school systems also contribute to e-learning. In 2010, 39 countries conducted e-learning for KG to Class XII students, and in some other countries some districts offered online training (Keeping Pace, 2010).

These online faculty positions are either directly through state units (county, state, city or school district), or for companies that engage with school systems.

In addition to institutional jobs for online teachers and teachers and teachers from kindergarten to grade 12, you can also find private lessons online for students. In detail, some of the KG to Class XII online training items include:

  • Online Classroom Teacher
  • Tutor jobs online
  • Education Designer
  • Secondary school teachers for foreign languages and other subjects
  • Online teachers: Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

The grades for these online teachers vary greatly with some jobs that require a teaching certification or advanced degrees, while others simply provide a platform to write online courses or join online tutors with students. View this list of jobs for KG to Class XII teachers online.

Teacher online: Colleges

Completely online colleges and universities of brick and mortar expand their online course offerings.

Of course, the increase in enrollment increased demand for course development staff to create courses, as well as online faculty to teach them. These are the two lowest job categories in online colleges, but there are other options:

  • Online teachers, online course instructors and teaching assistants for distance learning at university level
  • Writers / instructors for online adult education courses at community colleges
  • Online tutors for students
  • Foreign language teachers and ESL
  • Developers of university courses, educational designers (ID) and experts (SMEs)
  • Preparation of tests and / or scoring for GRE, GMAT, LSAT, etc.

Most teaching tasks in online colleges require – an absolute degree – a Master’s Degree. Tutoring too necessary for a teacher. Educational design tasks require only a bachelor’s degree and experience. The test preparation requires a high score (95th percentile and higher) on the test. Check out this list of jobs for Teacher online.

Online Jobs for Teachers: Companies

Since other companies are developing a tele-working staff, they need virtual training products to give their employees the skills to be successful in the distance. And it can be more profitable for the staff to practice on the site. To meet this need, some large companies hire internal education designers to design training programs and sometimes online instructors, although this may be the responsibility of the existing staff. However, these training products are often specialized in companies specializing in their creation. In any case, there is a growing need for educators outside the academic world.

Profit companies offer examination preparatory courses and materials for professional certification as well as preparing examinations for academic examinations. And many private sector companies trust with governmental and academic institutions to provide educational services. Jobs in this area are:

  • Trainer
  • Tutors Online
  • Adult Ed, Professional Certification Instructors
  • Education Designer
  • Preparation of examinations and / or applications for
  • Bookshops and editors

The grades for these corporate education jobs vary. Professional experience in design, training or pedagogical training is usually required.


Dipanjan De

is a blogger like every other on the web; he writes about multiple things like latest technology, music, movies etc. he is also a graphic designer who lives in Hailakandi, Assam. You can contact him to design your website or for some SEO advice.

Dipanjan De

is a blogger like every other on the web; he writes about multiple things like latest technology, music, movies etc. he is also a graphic designer who lives in Hailakandi, Assam. You can contact him to design your website or for some SEO advice.

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