How a Mobile Phone App Exposes Your Cheating Spouse

Infidelity has been in human nature from inception but the technology has provided people with more opportunities to cheat in a relationship. The social media, chat rooms, dating apps, and other communication technologies have made it convenient for a person to get involved with multiple others at the same time. In addition to online affairs, the workplace romances are on upsurge as well. The more a person spends time away from his/her spouse, the more he/she is likely to cheat the partner. Studies suggest that men are more likely to cheat than women but it is not the same in the case of financially independent females.

While technology facilitates having extra marital affairs, it also helps to catch a cheater red-handed. The technologists have developed a mobile phone monitoring application to keep track of the activities of a dishonest partner. Once you download and install that application in the mobile phone of your spouse, all the information stored on the mobile device will automatically be uploaded to an online account accessible providing the confidential username and password. Given is the guide how you can expose your cheating partner using that mobile app.

Spy on Calls and Messages

You can read all the text messages, MMS, and Instant messages sent and received on your partner’s phone without accessing his/her mobile. You can even know the name and number of the person who has sent or received those lovely messages. Moreover, you can listen to all the incoming and outgoing phone calls, record and download these calls to use as evidence.

Monitor Social Media Accounts

This spy app helps you track the Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, WhatsApp, Line, Viber, Skype, Yahoo, Tumblr and many other social networking and instant messaging apps being used by your spouse. You can read the individual and group chats, monitor social media postings, photo and video sharing, and keep eyes on the friend list of your significant other.

Control Your Partner’s Phone

Whatever your partner does when he/she is away from home can easily be monitored. You can send a command to the mobile phone of your partner to capture photos and record videos of the surroundings. It will help you know where and with whom your partner is and what he/she is doing. You can also use the microphone of your spouse’s phone to listen to and record whatever he/she speaks.

Track GPS Locations

Wherever your partner goes can consistently be monitored. As well as the current GPS location, you can see all the GPS locations he/she has traveled to in a week or longer. Also, you can mark locations to get notified if your spouse enters any location you do not want him/her to be.

Unlock Photo Gallery

You can sneak into the photo gallery of your partner’s mobile phone. All the photos, videos, voice recordings, and multimedia files stored on the phone or deleted can be retrieved from the confidential online account. It means you can see and download all the photos of your husband with his new love affair.

There are countless other ways you can use this mobile phone app to monitor your significant ones. Visit to have the details.      

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