Permanent Securities for Impermanent Life

LIC, Health Insurance, Medical Securities, FD, RD etc. etc. are like a protective guard against insecurity in life. People tend to get all these health and life Insurances to secure their limited lives. They cut their leisure and pleasure time to save money for security.

Nothing is permanent

All these policies are future based. A bread earner keeps on thinking in his whole life how to secure his and his family future. He forgets completely how to smile and in fact how to live his life. Accumulating treasure for future is a wise thing to apply but ignoring the present moment and loved ones for tomorrow is a work of a fool’s mind.

The consequence of this action results in various psychosomatic disorders like stress, BP, hypertension, anxiety, heart problem, metabolic disorder and a bad impact on whole health and mind. He forgets to enjoy his NOW and just keeps on dreaming about his THEN days or WILL days. He assumes if he will save so much money for his future by compromising the happiness of his this moment, he will have better secured future.

Man proposes, God disposes. Man makes so many plans but God has also his own plan. He laughs when he sees the man to plan for his future at the cost of his smile and precious moments with his loved ones.
With the digitalization of India, we have become technologically very advanced and in fact it’s a good thing, but it has influenced a great impact on our family harmony. It hurts, when we see technology is replacing human beings in personal life. No other technology, no matter how advanced it is, can replace the human touch.

I read somewhere, family always comes at the first ahead of any worldly affairs. Permanent security lies in the smile and affection among family members not anywhere else. Mother Teresa said, “If you want to love the world, go and first love your family”. Everything starts from home from work peace to harmony. If the family life is stable, the world is stable.

Insure your family timing first then insure other policies and technologies.

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