Say “Happy Birthday” Without Saying “Happy Birthday”

Birthdays are the most memorable day of each person’s life. We make a note on our calendars about our loved one’s birthdays. Try to become the first one to wish them on their special days. Sometimes, phones do not work. Either you get a busy tone or a network problem. Stop relying on the conventional ways. Try your hand at something new. Try planning unique ideas to be the first birthday wisher of your loved one. Without speaking the words out, let’s try some innovative ideas as gifts on his/her birthday. Priority is not to say ‘Happy Birthday’.

  • Favorite Flowers Bouquet with Written Note

Flowers are the best complementary gift for any occasion ever. When your words fall short of showing your love to your ones, flowers speak. Everyone has their favorite type of flower. We let our loved ones know alone our favorite. First your love will feel gloomy for not receiving your wish. This surprise bouquet of her/his favorite flowers with a message of love will give her/him sweet memory. Among the favorites, rose and lily collection, gerbera daisy collection are the best. If your love is so much into nature, it is best to gift her the springtime in Paris, a mix bouquet of different flowers. You can also make you girlfriend joyous with a classic bud rose with a brown teddy.

  • Midnight Cake Delivery

Well every birthday celebration is incomplete without a cake. How about you surprise your loved one with a birthday cake of his/her favorite flavor. Let the doorbell ring on his/her birthday midnight. When she answers, she will receive his/her favorite flavor birthday cake. This contains a message from his/her loved one as well. Take the best help of the cake delivery UK site to make your such plan a success. Feeling of love and happiness is much more than conventional ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes. The best way to wish your love in this way is to take help of online delivery sites. The timing varies with the location and season. If it is outside the town, the time schedule is 10:00 pm to 10:30 pm. For nearer addresses the delivery service is available till midnight. This time forget the convention of wishing happy birthday in verbal manner.

  • Birthday Card Can Work

Sometimes, words and time fall short to express our feeling for someone special. Or, there are times when it is uncomfortable to talk about some of our feelings. The best way out is an old yet useful one- the cards. One might choose to wish his/her close relative or love with a birthday card instead of wishing her by saying. Birthday cards are available in various designs and messages. Pick up the one you like and send it to your loved one on his/her birthday along with the birthday wish. Your loved one will feel happier if the card is of her choice.


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  • Happy Birthday Balloons.

The celebration mood is always at its peak when there is decoration of balloons around. Different occasions have different unique designs of balloons. Birthday balloons are large colorful balloons with strings. Get the theme based balloons through a reliable balloon delivery UK and  convey birthday wish without saying directly. What is most useful is the message that birthday balloons have on them, which you can customized.  You might choose to act casual on your love’s birthday. And wish her with a balloon like any other day. The balloon is a birthday balloon with warm wishes of birthday printed over it. The moment he/she notices it, she/he will understand that you remember his/her birthday. This is another unique way of wishing birthday by going beyond conventionality.

  • Surprise with sky firework

Fireworks always bring light to life. There can be nothing better than having fireworks on your birthday. On your loved one’s birthday, plan to meet him/her up. Then act in such a way that there is nothing special on this day. Take him/her to your balcony after it is midnight. And instead of wishing him/her birthday the way others do, wish him/her by your planned fireworks. The unspeakable feeling on your love’s face will glow and reflect more in the firework’s light.

Next time, wish your loved one Happy Birthday without speaking. Pick up any one or all the above surprises and wish him/her in unconventional ways on his/ her birthday. Learn the art of Saying”Happy Birthday” Without Saying “Happy Birthday” actually by mouth. This is indeed a great surprise.  Wish in a unique way!


Flora Williams

I am Flora Williams Working As A Manager Of flowersukdelivery.Flowersukdelivery provide the best delivery service of gifts in all cities of UK.

Flora Williams

I am Flora Williams Working As A Manager Of flowersukdelivery.Flowersukdelivery provide the best delivery service of gifts in all cities of UK.

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