Top 10 Natural Painkillers in your Kitchen.

Top 10 Natural Painkillers in your Kitchen.

Erase earaches with Garlic.





GingerGinger for Muscle and Joint Pain.





organic Grapes.Give your back some TLC with organic Grapes.





MintRelax painful Muscles with Peppermint.





TurmericTame Chronic Pain with Turmeric.






clovesCure a Toothache with Cloves.





OatsEnd Endometrial Paint with Oats.





Heal Sinus problems with Horseradish.Heal Sinus problems with Horseradish.





SaltSalt To treat muscle and joint pain, add a cup of table salt to your bath water and soak in the warm saline solution for about 10 to 15 minutes. By dehydrating the body cells, the saline solution reduces inflammation, thereby providing fast relief from pains and aches.


CoffeeCoffee Caffeine present in coffee is a potent pain reducing agent. It reduces your sensitivity to pain. Studies have shown that drinking two cups of coffee causes almost 50% reduction in muscle aches after a strenuous workout.


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