We express our feel and thoughts through our handwriting

We express our feel and thoughts through our handwriting. Examination copy, Letters, Official Works, Assignments Papers, Projects, how much we have to write down our information or thoughts and ideas. The internet will bring days when people will not write anything else. Everything will be done on Computers and Laptops.

So we all thought that school life has passed, now and what will be the good writing?

After that! But what is really so? No one in life knows when that day will not have to write in hand. Just do not have to write hands. Not only that, the handwriting is an art. All of us have heard to know the name “Calligraphy”. Handwriting is made in Unique Identity.

Sometimes, many people say that the character of the human being is enhanced.

So, Handwriting is not a matter of keeping it in negligence. Maybe there will be one day when the status of handwriting increases a lot, and then they will be embarrassed only by everyone. Although these thoughts are not the same, these are not impossible. So all of us have to sweat on the beauty of handwriting. It will not only help you get more numbers than that exam, an attractive person and identity will all be created.

Experts give small tips to make handwriting beautiful. They all help us very well.

The use of different types of pen also enhances the beauty of our Handwriting.

For example, Ball Pen, Gel Pens, Marker Pens to highlight pointing and ball pen should be used for normal writing. Ball pens are well-written. Gel and Marker Pens increases the beauty of our writing.

Many of us have a habit of writing downstairs. It seems bad to see, the back and fall on the back, the book may be torn. In this way, writing down pen or pencil while writing, we slow down. Because of early hand pain, it cannot be written long.

In English, curse practice we used to engage in writing. It looks like a pretty picture written in it. But in a hurry or a lot of time, we write together another letter in such a way that there is no way to understand what is different. The whole page looks dirty, there is no place to make some cut cottage. It is very important to keep an eye on all of us.

If you maintain the type of handwriting in the same way, the beauty of the text continues to grow. That is, it is good if one aspect is maintained in their size and size. Not too big, no more small moderately medium size.

Hand writing works perfectly in hand. For example, fingers, hand muscles, palm everyone needs to be active.

To write a lot of time the finger of our hands is sweat. In this case, the hands of the pen or pencil slipped. So handkerchief or cloth can be used to keep hands dry.

There are more criteria to look at the handwriting, such as: margins, straight lines, fits between words and lines, and a one-way gap. But the most important thing is that there are two things with whom there is no apparently handwritten text. They are languages and spellings. Notice that in the same printed letter, it seems alive and beautiful when his thoughts or issues touches in our heart.

Handwriting is like drawing a lot of pictures. Lines, rules, and turns make hand writing beautiful. So many of us say that they can write well by drawing good. This is true many times.

So to help make the handwriting beautiful, we can also help with learning to draw.


Lastly, if we want to do handwriting well, we want it, love and love. If we do not like to write what will be the best of our handwriting!


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