YouTube Go beta launches in India

Today I’m going to tell you regarding YouTube Go. This is an application through which you can download and share YouTube videos in your phone as well. YouTube had made offline save in your own time a while by which you had to have fast Internet when you used to save this offline and then you could never see it without internet.

Now it has brought even more great features to YouTube, in its new App YouTube Go, in which it will be much better than this.

You will also be able to watch videos on Slow Internet through YouTube Go, save it, so that you can see it more and you will also be able to share this video with friends.

Google announced the announcement about YouTube Go in September last year but now its beta version has been made available to everyone, which you can download from the Play Store. 

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Here is Some Features of YouTube Go

Is YouTube Go able to view videos in Slow-Internet?

The answer is also Yes, it is specially designed for this so that you can also enjoy YouTube Video in Slow Internet. Not only this, you can also save offline videos to YouTube videos so that you can view it later.

Is YouTube Go Easy to Use?

Yes, YouTube Go is planned so that anyone can use it pretty easily. Its user interface is pretty simple and you will see this ten video on the homepage. Apart from this, you can also search or download videos by downloading them.

What is its Smart Preview Feature?

Before you view or download any video you can watch through YouTube’s smart preview feature, what’s in this video. From which you will find that this video is actually true or throbbing. That way your reading will be time.

How to use YouTube Go?

For this, as soon as you download and download YouTube Go, you will be told about it. After clicking on next, it will ask you your mobile number and email id. You will then need to verify your mobile number by OTP and after that it is ready for your bring into play.

Click on any video, here you have to choose its quality according to your internet connection and after that you can play or save it.

Can you share videos with YouTube Go?

It is also one of the best features in it that you can share any video with your family or friends without spending data. You can also share saved videos as well via Bluetooth and they can also see the same video without saving.

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